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SEA RANCH - print

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Sea Ranch

Color fields of Ochre and Gray punctuated with the perfect Black Green Inspired by the Landscape, Shadows and Architecture of California's famed Sea Ranch.

25” x 25”

Hand Printed on Archival Paper. Signed and Numbered.

All prints are unframed.

If you would like the print framed visit us at www.toddmagill.com  Just choose your desired frame and and our partners at Simply Framed will do the rest. 


Frame Dimensions and Material:
Frame Face 3/4"
Frame Depth 3/4"
Rabbet 7/8"

Hand printed in limited quantities signed and numbered.

Due to natural variances in the wood's color and grain, this wood moulding may vary in color.

UV-filtering acrylic has become the industry standard among art sellers and galleries. Acrylic is lighter than glass, scratch-resistant, and shatter-resistant. It also provides more UV protection and less glare than glass. 


All pieces were produced by silkscreen printing on Archival paper. 

Silkscreen is a sequential stenciling process.The stencils are transferred using a photographic process to a screen of fine mesh stretched over a frame.

To build the image, ink is then forced through the mesh onto the substrate using a pliable squeegee layering each color.

Each color is specially mixed by hand.